Muppidi J Mohana Reddy
Asked February 22, 2017

Rights in property

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We are Hindu. my father had 5 brothers. they got each 40 acrs from my grand father. i have 2 sisters. my father wrote 31 acrs to me and my family before 2000. remain 9 acrs he hold. my father age 90. my father did not give to my sisters. my sisters age are 66 and 62. my age 56. now they gave a lawyer notice for share in total 40 acrs. how to stop them and how to get remaining 9 acrs. all are alive

Answer 1

The 31 acre land transferred to you and your family by your father would remain with you and you have exclusive rights upon it. Your sisters can in no way claim share out of that piece of land. You may send a reply to the notice reinstating your acquired rights over the land.

Regarding the remaining 9 acres, your share depends upon your father’s actions. If he decides to transfer it to your sisters you cannot do anything about it. Your father may leave a will which would then decide the distribution of the remaining land after his death. However, if the land remains intestate, i.e., if there is no will after your father’s death then you, along with all of your siblings and your mother (if alive), would receive equal shares out of the remaining 9 acre land.

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