Rajashekar S
Asked September 19, 2016

Rights in Grandfather's property

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Hi sir ,this RAJASHEKAR . This is a query regarding my grandpa's property. My father has signed unknowingly, all property in his brother's name. Do the grand children have any rights to ask that property?

Answer 1

In the current problem, the inheritance laws are likely to come into effect. A person has the authority to dispose of his property in his individual capacity. The right of the grandchildren over the property can only come if the father has inherited the property from his father (grandfather). If the person has formed a Will, then the disposal of the property would be in accordance of the Will. But, such does not debar the person to change the Will, as the terms of the Will can come into effect only after the death of the person. Therefore, during the lifetime of the person, such a Will can be abrogated or changed, and the son can inherit the property after the death of the person, which further be inherited by the grandchildren in the like manner.

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