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Asked June 07, 2017

Right in ancestral property of grandfather

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I'm Balasubramanian, 70 years old. There is a house in my mother 's father's name which is ancestral property. My mother had only one younger sister; no brother. Now my mother and her sister , both of them are not alive. My mother has 1 son(me) & 4 daughters and my mother's sister has 1 son & 1 daughter. My question is, who are having the rights to hold the property and how much share can I get? Some of them are saying that grandfather's property will be for grand sons only. Is it true? Please kindly let me know. Thanks

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the property is of your grandfather's and he has 2 daughters , so both have equal rights in the property. as your mother and your aunt are not alive their children have equal rights inthe property, you 4 sisters and you and your aunts children (1 son and 1 daughter). first the property will be divided among 2 sisiters (your mother and her sister). your mother's share will be divided into 5 parts 4 daughters and 1 son. similarly your aunts share will be divided in 2 share one son and one daughter. for further clarifications please contact me further. Thank you

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Sir, the Hindu Succession of 1956 amendment to section 6 in 2005 grants the same property rights to

Hindu women as it does to Hindu male. This being said as yours is an ancestral property bestowed upon

you by your fore fathers, the property will be equally divided among all the surviving immediate heirs,

i.e. you and your four sisters.

Further as your mothers sister is outside the domain of your fathers ancestry, and presuming that the

property has been p[assed over from your paternal side, your aunts kin will not command any right in

the property.

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