Asked May 07, 2017

Response to demand for Mesne Profit

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We have been served court notice by landlord for mesne profit. We are paying timely rent. How to defend. What important points to mention in the reply. Please send format, if any.

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Mesne profits is the profits that the lawful owner of a property is entitled to claim from any person who is in unlawful possession of a property. The burden of proof regarding whether the owner of the property is entitled to claim mesne profits or not lies on the plaintiff. In order to be entitled for a claim of mesne profits, the defendant must establish that he is the rightful owner of the property and that he was deprived of lawful possession of the same. Hence the burden to proof that mesne profits can be claimed lies on the landlord. However, you must have in your possession essential documents like the rent agreement any any receipts of payment of rent to ensure the ruling in your favour.

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