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Resignation during probation

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Sir I joined NICL and under probation. In employment contract one condition is that if I resign from company I have to pay entire salary paid to me. I have resigned from company as asked by management and I have submitted resignation on ground being humiliated at work place and it was accepted by management and I was asked to pay entire salary paid to me what to do please advise. also I have paid the amount as asked by management but they are again asking for more amount.

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Dear Sir, 

Since there are certain rules and policies associated with organizations one needs to abide by it. In case you have already paid the salary, they cannot ask you to pay more. If you have made the payment online/by cheque then you must surely be having proof of payment which can be shown as a proof of payment in case they file a case of non payment against you. However if the more amount that they are asking for is based on any policy or rule then you might have to pay it.

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Dear Sir,

Probation is a period during which the employer generally assesses the performance of the employee at the time of his initial employment and allows the employer to terminate the services of the employee who is not doing well or deemed not fit for the position. However, in order not to tarnish the record the employee, companies nowadays insist the unwanted employee to himself/herself tender the resignation on some personal grounds. However, as in your case you have mentioned the ground as humiliation at work place, which  the company otherwise would have to redress it appropriately and retain you, but since they did not do so and instead of closing the matter are asking for further amount inspite of you paying the entire salary, you should take a legal course by serving a legal notice with all proofs of payments made by you to the company.

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