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Requirements for being a SC

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My father was scheduled caste and mother is OBC.my father was in govt job for 28 years and also he had contested assembly election as SC.my father passed away recently and I came to know that my father was sc.in my school and technical education I had mentioned my caste as OBC but I had never taken any advantage of OBC in my complete education and also I had made my obc certificate.in this situation at present can I change my caste category from OBC to SC on my fathers background?

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Under general Indian law practice, the caste of father is considered as the caste of their children. In your case, you were under mistake of fact that you belonged to OBC and thereby procured the said status from proper authority and mentioned so in your various educational phases, although not taking any benefits. Now since you have finally come to know that you belong to SC and not OBC, I would suggest you to go to the proper authority with proper documentation as evidence to prove that you actually belong to SC category and not OBC along with an application. It is a simple process and hence it must not take long.

The proper authority that issues such certificate is District Collector’s Office.

Documents Required:

  • Application duly signed by the Applicant(Required Original)
  • Rs. 5 Court Fee Stamp(Required)
  • Bonafide Certificate/School Leaving Certificate of Candidate(Required Original)
  • School leaving Certificate of Parent or Guardian -(e.g. Father, Uncle, Brother, Grand Father, Father’s Sister, Cousin Brother, Cousin Uncle, Cousin Grandfather or Great Grandfather) or Village Form No. 141RequiredXerox(Attested)5Residence Proof (Ration Card /Rent / Maintenance Receipt / Landline Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill)Required Xerox(Attested)
  • Affidavit in Prescribed Format
  • All submitted documents with their details should be mentioned in Affidavit. b) Any mistake in Name/Surname should be mentioned in detail with reasons in Affidavit. c) If Caste proof is of Grand Father/Great Grand Father/Cousin Uncle/Cousin Brother/Cousin Grand Father, etc. then Family Tree should be mentioned in Affidavit(Required Original)
  • Caste Certificate of Parents i.e. Father/Grandfather/Aunty (Father’s Sister)/Uncle (Blood Relation). Please Note that the Caste Certificate should have been issued by Competent Authority or Caste Validity Certificate issued by Caste Scrutiny Committee/ Village No.14, Service Book relevant page extract copy where caste is mentioned. Required Xerox(Attested)
  • Residential proof (Rent / Maintenance Receipt, Telephone Bill (Landline), Electricity Bill). Required Xerox(Attested)
  • Community Certificate (Samaj Certificate) Required Xerox (Attested)
  • Government Gazette Copy required if there is a change in name. Required Xerox (Attested)
  • For Married Women, Government Gazette, Change Name Copy or Marriage Certificate

is required(Required)(Xerox)(Attested).  

Certificates will be issued normally within 15 days after submission of documents[1]. All documents should be attached to application forms that must be signed by applicant. If the applicant is a minor, it should be signed by the Adult guardian. The Applicant should produce all original documents at the time of submission of Documents.

For any further doubts or queries please do consult your respective District Collector’s office and they will definitely guide you through the entire process and regarding the change of caste, you are legally entitled to the same and it’s your right to claim so, provided you present all the relevant documents as listed above.



[1] In Delhi the response time is 15 days.

   In Maharashtra it is 14 days

   In Haryana it is 14 days.

   In West Bengal its 15 days.

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