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registration of training program

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Respected sir/Madam I want to register an software training firm/institute/center for providing training of software like autocad, stadd pro,revit, etc. by which I want to provide training to civil engineering students.I want to know that from which government organisation I have to take approval and were to get registration

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You can register yourself as a Society, Proprietorship, Company, or Partnership Firm.

Procedure for Registering under Societies Act

a. Have a Constitution of the Society, which bears details such as Name, Registered Office, Object, Rules and Regulations. This must be signed by three office bearers on each page.

b. Documents require: Covering Letter; Memorandum Of Association And Rules & Regulations; Table containing Names, Address and Occupation of all the Members along with their signatures; Certified Copy of Duly Passed Resolution for Registration of Society; Minutes of the Meeting; Declaration by the President of the Society; Address Proof.

c. Donations to the society are exempted from tax (i.e. the donor will not have to pay tax on the amount of donation). For this, you need to acquire 80G certificate from Income Tax Department. Getting 80G and advertising that you have this certificate encourages donors because they get tax benefit on donation.

The required documents must be filed with the Registrar of Societies of your state with the prescribed fee.


Registering as Sole proprietorship

There is no particular procedure as such, all you need to do is open a bank account in the name of the proprietorship firm and obtain licenses required for conducting the business.

You will have to carry out service tax registration, and thereon, file half yearly service tax returns for the proprietorship, to the Service Tax department.

Disadvantages of proprietorship:

a. Inheritance of the proprietorship becomes complicated after the death of the proprietor.

b. Funds of the proprietor and of the person (you) are considered the same. Thus, banks will lend if they are okay with lending to YOU.

c. You can be personally held liable for liabilities of the proprietorship.

d. There is no legal continuity of the proprietorship. It dies with the owner, and does not get passed on like a Company does.


Registering as a One Person Company

This is a very detailed, slightly lengthy process.

a. Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate

b. Prepare Incorporation Documents: Memorandum of Association[1], Articles of Association, Declaration, Affidavits, Proof of Registered Office, Details of Director, Details of Nominee Director.

c. Prepare INC29 form and submit along with your digital signatures, along with those of a financial professional (lawyer, CA, CS).[2]

d. File for Incorporation


Registering as a Partnership Firm

The only requirement here is to have a partnership deed between partners. File the application with the Registrar in the area where the firm is to be situated.


Certifications can be taken from the following:

Certification by AICTE:

All necessary information in this regard can be read here.

Accreditation from NIELIT:

You can also get Accreditation under the NIELIT Scheme. Under thus Scheme of NIELIT, computer-training institutes in the non-formal sector are granted accreditation for specified levels of courses offered under it : O (Foundation) Level, A (Advanced Diploma) Level, B Level (Equivalent to MCA) and C Level (Equivalent to M.Tech).

NIELIT publishes a prospectus (costing Rs. 500) for each level that contains the eligibility norms and criteria in addition to an accreditation application form.

The list of eligibility standards is available here.

See the NIELIT guidelines and norms for registration of institutes as “facilitation centres” for conduct of training and fielding candidates for course on computer concepts and basic computer course on self-certification basis here.


[1] See Section 4 and 5 of Companies Act 2013, to see what Memorandm and Articles should contain.

[2] Available here

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