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Asked July 08, 2017

Registration of property owned by missing person

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I have a property that I am looking after which is on GPA on my father's and mother's name. My father is missing since 2007. We wanted to get this property registered but did not do so after the incident since any legal execution couldn't be under taken for next seven years as per the law, as far as I know in such cases. Now I wan't to get this registered and want to know the correct procedure to get this done. Just for the information, people who sold this property to my parents and wrote the GPA are no more alive. Should I get this registered on my mother's name and how? Or can this registration be done by gift deed from my mother to me so that I am not liable for any taxes on this. Or any other way looking at the situation... Secondly, I have come to know that there are some local people who are trying to gain illegal possession by means of forged documents. If its true, how strong is my current position to put my opinion and defend in front of authorities, if needed. What else should I do to make my position strong.

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GPA can be registered only along with agreement to sale except in case of blood relation. Duty equivalent to registration of sale deed needs to be paid in case of GPA other than blood relations. GPA between blood relations can be registered with stamp duty of Rs.100/- and registration fee of Rs.4/- Two witnesses along with identification documents need to be present during presentation of documents.


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