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Asked March 21, 2014

Refusal to Cooperate as per international law

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Recently, the Indian Government refused to grant permission to the Chinese warships to enter the Indian maritime zone for the search operation of MH 370. Does the refusal to grant permission for the search operation violate an international obligation of India especially where this process would actually facilitate the search process of the plane?

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Saumya Kumar

Under the International Maritime law, every country extends its sovereignty to a certain extent on the water body surrounding the land mass. In some portion of the sea mostly beyond the territorial sea, a foreign ship has the right to innocent passage. This right was provided so that the sea waters are not partitioned and restrict the movement of trade and people. A country to which the sea belongs has the right to restrict this right of innocent passage it feels that the free movement will have an impact on its sovereignty and national interest. Therefore, India can restrict the movement of ships in its sea even if it is for a humanitarian purpose. 

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