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Asked February 03, 2017

recognition of university and degree

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I have completed my bachelor degree from smude in 2016. I have enrolled in the year 2011 August and as per the Supreme court order on case Smude vs ignou I am eligible.UGC also gave notice on their website but IGNOU still not accepting it. What can I do now. It seems my 5 years gone in vein.

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Dear sir/madam,

First of all, no need to worry because you are nowhere wrong and absolutely a graduate – degree holder from SMU. If you are an enrolled student of any university, having paid the requisite fees, given exams and passed them then you are obviously entitled for a degree as per any university norms.

Now, the point being that let’s suppose for a second, if IGNOU doesn’t give you admission then there are other universities to apply in. And still if you want to apply in only IGNOU and nowhere else then, below stated might be the possible way out.

A copy of the below stated order of the Hon’ble High court of Sikkim may be taken in support of the other essential documents for admission when you go to talk to the acting authority of IGNOU in this regard.


This exercise may be carried in order to come down to an amicable solution between you and the university.

Also, for pursuing with any sort of suit against IGNOU in the court of law, some sort of prima facie evidence would be required that proves that they are not willing to enroll you as a student. Therefore, the letter with their seal of receiving the application and then subsequently rejecting the same with some sort of reason would suffice. For doing all this, you need to approach IGNOU in person and meet the authority.

You should make them go through the last few pages i.e. page nos.8-12 of the judgement of the Hon’ble High court of Sikkim in detail which should ideally satisfy their hesitance. You should also inform them that disobeying the order of the Hon’ble High court of Sikkim, they are definitely not in compliance of the same and thus, can be held responsible in the court of law.

Incase you are facing any difficulty pursuing the above advice or want any help in filing the case. Please follow the link below


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