Priyanka Chatterjee
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Asked January 29, 2018

Quitting company during Probation

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I joined a company 2 months ago and now i want to leave. The agreement says: “ there will be initial probationary period of 3 months during which the company or the employee may terminate service with 2 weeks notice period” So, I am still in probationary period. The company had paid me last two month’s salary and a relocation bonus but nowhere is it mentioned in agreement anything about what has to be done with these amount if I quit in probationary period. Do you see any trouble here for me if I resign?

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Hi Priyanka,

If the agreement is silent about salary and bonus in case of resignation during propation period than you are not in any trouble.  You just have to serve the notice period. The Company can take action against you if you dont serve the notice period. I would also suggest you to transfer your salary from the slary account to your person account at the earliest.

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