Madan Lal Meena
in Property Law
Asked June 16, 2021

Property dispute

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My grandfathers were five brothers. Three brothers were separated from their father and started living separately. Two of them ( my grandfather and his one brother) used to live together with their parents. After death of father of my grandfather, the agriculture land of their (my grandfather and his brother) portion(Approx 60 bighas) was in the name of the brother of my grandfather. My grandfather died in young age when my father was hardly 2-3 years old. in such way, the land continued in the name of the brother of my grandfather. When my father grew up, they allowed to cultivate a small portion (4.5 bighas) of land only which was also not in the name of my father. Now, the grandsons of the brother of my grandfather are trying to snatch this small portion of land as this is continued in their forefathers' name. I want suggestion how to overcome the situation. I have no attitude to fight which may cause damage to both side and want to settle the matter peacefully and legally but law is not supporting us . May please suggest remedial measures.

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