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Asked August 10, 2017

Procedure to check originality of caste certificate

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Recently I have obtained a caste certificate from competent authority but I was in hurry so I paid an agent to speed up process and I got it but right now I am concerned about its originality. What should I do to examine it? Or is there any procedure to check it?

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Procedure to validate your caste depends on the state of birth and domicile. You never need any agent or lawyer for that.

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first of all is there any caste at all? is the biggest question. that way i do not accept the idea of caste, then so called caste certifying authorities are constitutionally not reliable at all, so why waste your time on these boards. governments are cheating you just for some so called caste votes - if Mahatma Gandhi accepted caste ? he said himself there is no cate at all but he succumbed to dr ambedkar in Pune gandhi pact to ensure so called SC/ST in new avatar as Dalits to get some reservation for first 14 years - now we have creamy layers what all these , then again Mandal commission and OBC/BC  reservations - all obviously just some great foolery by resorting to so called statutes - then many since 1976 in maarashtra alone used fake caste certificates that number alone crossed more than 100,000 persons in ovt service only in maharashtra, when so do you trust this caste certificate., so my friend don't be a pan in the hands of hese incorrigible politicians of india. 

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Dear Sir/madam,

The veracity of any document is checked through the signature and the nam eof the authorised signatory mentioned (generally) at the bottom of the document. It should also contain a seal of the issuing authority. The date and place of signing the document is also supposed to be mentioned in the authentic document, so as to trace back the whereabouts of the same.

As far as the format or the language inside the document is concerned, a prototype standard format of such certificates is uploaded on the concerned government authority webpages. One can crosscheck it from there.

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You can visit www.

You will find an option to view your certificate. Fill in your certificate number and you will get all the details. Link for this is given below:

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