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procedure to be an associate member in the committee

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Mhada property owned by my husband in Lottery 2010. My name is not there on any property related documents like stamp duty or shares. I want to be an associate member and would like to be a part of committee. Due to some reasons my husband doesn't want to be active in society as well as committee. When we gave application for associate member the committee said we need to go by Gift Deed procedure which includes some cost of stamp duty. Please tell me if it is correct or wrong? What current updated bylaws say about associate members & their rights & procedure to follow? How long it would take? If our AGM is in Sept 2017, shall I be eligible member on committee & can approach to be elected for 1 lady vacant seat, 1 our wing vacant seat & 1 general vacant seat due to resignation of current committee member? Please revert soon as I have many problems with society & they don't cooperate as it is press enclave & I am through general public lottery and only 2 non press owners in a wing. Rest all are on rent.

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Ma’am quite frankly you must make sure that your husband who is presumably a member must include your name in share certificate of the society. Once this is done you can attend meetings in his absence and be a full-fledged associate member. Lastly you also need a member consent to stand for election. If this is done your eligibility will be fulfilled.

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    Dear Md. Nazeeruddin Khan, Thank you for your valuable inputs. My society committee also asked me to get my name into share certificate. But can you also please let me know how to proceed further with inclusion of my name in share certificate and how much time and cost it would take to become member? Also please advise if my husband is in same city even though i can attend and speak in meeting or not? Also let me know if i can get elected or not? Then only we can think to bear for charges for this process. Thanks in advance.
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To determine the validity of your husband's claim, it is important to examine the Memorandum of Association for your society. The Societies Registration Act, 1860 does not provide the rights of the associate members but it allows the Society to formulate it on its own. Please cheack the process given in the Memorandum of Association.

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