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With this entire visa fraud case in Devyani Korbagande case, I have been wondering if it is legal to take poor domestic-helps from India to western (or other developed) countries as "employees"? Isn't there a chance that such "domestic helps" might instead be put into trafficking (whether sexual work or into forced trafficking)? 1.Does the govt. recognise such possibility? 2. If it does, has it developed any legal mechanism to see to it that rich people aren't able to exploit people in the name of employment?

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Saumya Kumar

Practically, it is very easy to send and take poor domestic-helps as employees. Indians working as domestic-help or manual labourer is a common phenomenon in USA, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. The Ministry of External Affairs has been trying to provide support to some of them at the Indian embassy in these countries but it must be noted that many of them travel to these countries on their own choice for better financial opportunities. Unless the concerned person himself/herself points raises the complaint, the government cannot restrict his right to travel on mere suspicion. Quite often people state that they are visiting firends or family in the other country and stay over even after the expiry of the visa. 

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