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Asked September 16, 2017

Prevent wife from circulating inappropriate videos of Husband

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Our marriage 11 years old, children, elder daughter 9 years old and a son 6 years old. Our relationship wasn't smooth and my wife had regular fights with my mother also. We both were not ready to divorce each other. We both were into extra marital affair.C has few audio recordings of it and photos which she took from my phone and i have her audio recording in which she has accepted her extramarital relationship.My wife left for her mother's place leaving my children with me for 3 months. She came back to stay with me for two months and after an argument she left with my children to stay at my younger brother's house in the same city. She called her own brother and filed a case u/s 498a, 34 and 497. Then with the help of police she took all her belongings and both kids and went to her mother's place. From there she is sending audio clips to my friends and relatives. What are legal remedy and action left for me? Are audio clips and photos acceptable as evidence in court of law.. can I get custody of my children and what can I do immediately so as to prevent her from sending clips to any one.can i go secretly to her mother's place and take my children as the matter isn't in court till now. What effect will this have on my bail petition and future custody wife is sending audio and photos to my relatives.what immideate action can i take against her. Please tell me all the steps which I have to take now

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Sir, as your wife has evidence against you, there is very little room for you to take action. You are guilty of bigamy which is a punishable offence under the Indian Penal Code. The only action you can take is file a complaint of adultery against the individual who has entered into an illicit relationship with your wife. There are very little options open to you from the legal point of view. Thus, you should strive to negotiate with your wife in order to resolve the issue amicably.

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