Rajvinder Pal Kaur
Asked April 25, 2017

Power of police in CrPc

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What is the requirement of a police officer in to CrPc 107/150/151 kalandra and secondly are the police officers empowered to take action on senior citizen lady age 85 years in to 107/150 CrPc.

Answer 1

Sir, as we know a kalandra is a notice issued to a person who is suspected of disturbing peace and tranquillity of a place. To furnish such a notice under section 107 there must be ample proof that a person is about to commit a cognisable offense. Any knowledge of an act taken by the culprit in furtherance of committing a grave act is enough to furnish notice under Section 107 of the Cr. P.C.

Yes, police officers are empowered to act against a senior citizen even though it’s a lady. However, she must only be dealt with by lady officers and must not be held in the P.S. during night.

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