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Opening new sports in India

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Hi, I would like to ask questions related to opening a new sports in India. Can you answer the below question:- 1.What all permissions and paper work are required? 2.If some company has already registered can I start that game?

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Firstly your questions are too vague. Anyways will try to answer them. You can share more information or contact me in person for the full-fledged response.

1. it depends upon the

      a. type of organisation such as partnership,company etc.

      b. the requirment of the law environment clearance, license etc

2. There is no bar on starting a similar business (be it sports) unless you dont copy their intellectual property.


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    Hi Dhiraj, Can you please explain what actually the below statement means in detail “Intellectual property & Concept copyright and logo trademark registration owned”. Thank you
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    I will be glad to help if you could give the context and/or some info relevant to the statement.
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What kind of Sport are you talking about?

To start any sporting activity, you can incorporate a company or a sports society, both are legal entity under which you can start the sport.  if some company has already registered, then you can still adopt that game, provided that if the game is a unique concept of another company, then you cannot simply copy the same, and you have to rebuild that concept or bring some innovativeness to that game to start. 

Feel free to ask should you have any questions


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Sir, sports is a major industry. There are many ways a person can indulge in a sports related business, for example sell or manufacture sports goods, open a training centre or for example just giving an arena for a sport.

To answer your second question first, there is absolutely no bar on indulging in a sport related activity such as coaching centre or so on, if you do not infringe on the name or franchise on which the competitor firm is operating for example the famous tennis player Sania Mirza runs an academy on her name. Using her name will be illegal, but the same sport can be taught by various companies.

Moving on to the first question doing a sports related business is also a form of running a company. If you plan on manufacturing, you must set register your company under the Companies Act 2013,. However, if you want to start a coaching centre for cricket then you may have to seek certificate from the relevant sports federation example the cricket association for your qualification and competence. Second you will have to get relevant clearances from the municipality for the purpose you are using your land, example environment impact assessment and road widening permits.

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