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online sale cheating

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i need a help regarding the online product cheating (i got a product entirely different form what i ordered)

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Shreya Mishra

While most e-commerce websites(where you can shop online) have their own policies whereby if you get anything different from what you have ordered they replace it within 30 days or any such minimum period. Further you can also call up their customer service and tell them about your problem. However if none of this works and you still feel that your complaint has not been solved, you can register your complaint at Consumer Online Resource and empowerment Centre(CORE). It is a com plaint and grievance redressal system run by the Consumer Co-ordination Council and supported by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.  You can first register on the website and then lodge a complaint against service provider.[1]

Although there are consumer courts too, it would not be advised to go to these courts for products which are not very expensive as the Court fee.

However the recourse you take will depend on the stage of problem you are at. If, till now, you have only received a different product than what you ordered, you should contact the websites and try to get the correct product delivered to you.

Here is the website of CORE:





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