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Objection to nomination

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Sir, मेरे चाचा का स्वर्गवास 12-12-15 को हो गया था उनके पाँच बच्चे हैं तीन लड़की और दो लड़के इनमे से बड़ी लड़की की शादी हो गयी है। माँ बच्चों के साथ नही रह रही है वो पीने साथ दूसरे नंबर की लड़की को ले गयी है अब तीन बच्चे अकेले रहते हैं जिसमे तीसरे नंबर की लड़की और दो लड़के हैं । चाचा मरने से पहले तीसरी वाली लड़की के नाम nomination कर गए थे नौकरी के लिये लेकिन अब माँ ने objection लगा दिया है कि उसे नौकरी करनी है । कोई ऐसा नियम हो या कोई judgement हो जिससे इन बच्चों की मदद हो सके तो plz मुझे बतायें । धन्यवाद

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Hello Sir, what exactly do you meen by nomination for job?

If you mean compassionate employment that is carried out in government organisations, then compassionate employment is at the discretion of the employer. It is given to any unemployed member of the family of the diseased provided there is no other source of income to support the livlihood of the family. But, where first right goes to the wife of the disceased and only thereafter the eligible son or daughter. The objective of the scheme is to grant appointment on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of a government servant who has died while in service or who is retired on medical grounds before attaining the age of 55 years (57 years for erstwhile Group “D” employees), thereby leaving the family in penury and without any means of sustainable livelihood so as to provide relief to the family of the government servant concerned from financial destitution and to help it get over the emergency.

The place of employment might have different rules regarding compassionate employement, in which case you must contact the HR department and fidn out what they are.

The Applicant for compassionate appointment should be eligible and suitable for the post in all respects under the provisions of the relevant Recruitment Rules.


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