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I am married for 10 years, staying with my husband and son (5 years old) in Singapore.Currently my mother in law is staying with us since Jan 2020 on short term visit pass. Her short term visit pass is getting extended as there is no flights to Tamil Nadu. As I am working , I am getting help from my parents and inlaws to take care of my son. We don't have good terms between my inlaws. Knowing my inlaws attitude, none of her relatives used to come to her place and so my husband never allow me or my kid to meet her. So everytime my parents take turns to come here to take care of my kid. I have 1 sister in law, who is UK resident , dental surgeaon. In my 10 years of my wedding life, this is the 1st time my husband bring his parents to stay for more than 3 months. Ever since day 1, she is creating problem as if she is the one taking care of her son (husband) and her grandson (my son). Every single moment, she brainwash my husband that I never respect her and completely unfit for the family. Everyday she will provoke for some fight and at the end of the day make me shout and hurt myself. She will create all drama telling my husband that I am unworthy etc etc. These days she has separated my husband completely from me by never allowing me to cook/ sleep/ eat food with him. It is like she will cook separately for my husband, bring her things inside her room and ask husband to eat food with her. So it is like emotional abuse for me and my kid as there is no one to take care of us. I have video proof and voice recording of all her attitudes that intend to abuse me. There is one incident that she bang me against the wall and shouted that she will kill me before leaving from here. I have recorded all her actions. I have did police complaint here in singapore, but they classified it as family counselling needed and nothing canbe done. There was another incident that she took away all groceries inside her room, leaving kitchen empty. When I called the police and inform she fight telling that all these things belongs to my husband and she has all rights. Here she never consider me as daughter in law and her clear intention is to separate her son (husband) and my son. I was informed by police that husband should balance between mother in law and me. At this current situation, I am not letting my son to go and play with her as I am worried if she do something to my kid. Mental health of my kid is affected by her attitude of beating against the wall and shouting that she will kill me. As a part of revenge of not letting my kid to her, my husband prohibiting my kid to talk to any of my relatives or parents. My mother in law forcing my husband not to have contact with any of my relatives and parents. All i can understand here is my MIL solely interested and fighting for grandson and abusing me emotionally and verbally every day. He is forcing my husband to apply divorce stating the reason that I never allow my kid to her and never give respect. But as a daughter in law, she never give any respect to me as well. And she use me as child bearing machine and my husband using me only for bed time sex. Even once, my husband firmly informed me that I shouldnot allow my kid to my motherinlaw. But now after repeated fights from her she insisted that she want to take legal action and kill me. As I dont have siblings or any relatives here,Please let me know how can I get justice on this.

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