Arnab Kumar
Asked May 01, 2020

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I live with my parents both fall in the category senior citizens. Our family is currently going through a rough patch. My mother has been a patient of acute depression and currently one can say that she is not in a good mental state or mentally unstable, she is not in a position to carry out her day to day chores like taking bath or cooking food, in each and everything she has to be assisted by father who is 8-9 years older than her. So, one day she did something wrong and father couldn't control, threw his mobile on her which led to cut on her forehead with bleeding. One thing I forgot to tell that I have a younger brother as well. The situation goes haywire from here as instead of cooperating with the family he is misusing the whole situation for his petty gains. He uses such situations for his gain and threatens us with tactics like "I will call the cops & opens the window and starts shouting POLICE POLICE". He wants to keep the situation tense and does each and everything to keep it going. Kindly help.

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