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as i am harassed by my inlaws and my wife , on base of mental cruelty and false elegation. my mother in law pointed me out on sexual illness irrelevantly , and forced me to do plan for baby, my wife did dramas and seprated me from my dad and mother she elegated me on false relation with my brothers wife and even false statement in police station , that i m drunkard and beat her and demanding for money . she sued me in police station after that statement and she already threatened me and my parents alot of time , , , after that i did defamation case and divorce petition , but now i am scared that , she is forcing to enter in my house and i dont wanna let her in to my house . because i am sure that she will do something hazardous and may be create problem for us and can be dangerous for my life too, so please help me what i can do now. for my self defence . m living outside my home . and she and her parents demanding for property share , did melo drama at my home recently. is she have any right at my fathers property if property is not on my name .

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Dear Sir,

You may file divorce case and also for compensation for abusing you in unparliamentarily words.

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