Kevin George
Asked July 28, 2019

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My question is related to special marriage act. I recently enquired on inter caste marriage formalities in a marriage registration office in Bangalore. They said you have to provide a local ID proof of either bride or groom and residential proof documents original copy along with three witness ID copies. Is it true that local ID proof required for a special marriage act? If yes, any police verification will be there like the passport??? In our case, me having a permanent ID proof of Kerala and fiancee having a Permanent ID proof of Delhi. Since we both working in Bangalore, would like to get married in Bangalore. We do not have any ID proof of Bangalore. Please advise with utmost priority.

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ID proof is sufficient. Now a days AADHAR card is sufficient. You may go only for registration of marriage. In such cases there is no requirement of police verification. Consult a local lawyer with details.

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