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My father has gifted me his self acquired, property in the year 2001, and expired in the year 2013, My father have 3 daughters and a only son that is me. The said Gift deed is duly registered in Sub Registrar office. My mother and one of my sister (out of three daughters of my father) has put their signature as witness to that registered Gift Deed. My mother expired in the year 2016, Now in 2019 my one of sister claiming her right in that property is it harmful to me ? Is she has right to file case against me ? if she done how to come out of that problem ?

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Details are required to Sincebe examined. Gift made by your father is absolute and your sister has no right in gifted property. You  cannot restrict her right to file litigation as the law provides her the right. Consult with details.  Siddharth Srivastav, 9811776422

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Dear Sir,

You have got self acquired property of your father as such your sisters cannot claim.

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