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Halo, i am a dental professional having a limited clinical experience, due to immediate marriage during my internship days and thereafter couldnot cont for 5 yrs due to pregnancy and child care issues, and during initial days of my marriage and prior to marriage, at the time of engagement my husband told about his past affair with his family member [mama's daughter], & told that it is only fake or false meaning just a crush, and hidden about his true love affair w/ that girl, and this issue caused consistent verbal fight b/w us that contd even after marriage as i recovered it some information thru his relatives , as he did not gave clarifications regarding this matter. now the 2nd issue was he promised prior to fix of marriage that he would allow me practice my profession and no hindrance would occur by himself nor by his family members. but since i carried for 2 kids i could not practice my dental for nearly 6-7 yrs and only during 2008 he purchased me 2nd hand clinic [i was married in year 2003], Anothr issue is that my inlaws were okay, but my mohter in law was dual minded and faced person, who acted very smartly, but slowly she did not do any household work and made me to do all work, always complaining of health issues, and i had to bear all household chores along w/ child care, this also correlated to my 3 sister in laws who acted the same way. later on as times passed by i had to quit my practice for few months due to non cooperation from my inlaws both husband and mother in law as she did not stay with me, and was with her daughters house due to family issues [sister in law pregnant period]. however, my dental practice went again disturbed and i had to call my parents to my residential place and they stayed nearby to my residence offering me some help by child care and switched to work at MNC, for few years until year 2014, due to that time my husband transferred to mangalore and we had ot shift and my mother in law ignored to come and stay with us giving some fake reasons as she wanted to stay in our newly built house at bangalore, now that she has come recently in year 2019, she gaves constant critics, verbal taunting indirectly taking name of invisible human being and making me arrogant and despite this i have also recovered that my husband also part of the offense as he know all issues and both act smartly and backstabing me and not allowing me to go for my dental practice and not also giving basic environment or encouraging me practice and i work as a slave and i am very sad by this and find to end my life but i also see my growing up of kids in their teens and i know i have to care of my kids, but my husband and mother in law make me hell out of my life so please give me meaning ful suggestion in this regard. he also warns me take divorce and get out of his life i really dont know what to do i am very much depressed sir. please provide me needful suggestion.

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