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My friend took my car and the car is on my brother name. She said that she is going to meet her friend in delhi but without letting me know she took the car to agra and in agra she met with an accident as she was driving suddenly the car in front applied the emergency breaks and she hit the car from the back saving the accident but the car in front losses his balance and hit a truck on the other side of the road (as per her). Than she ran from the spot because of the public. On the same day after the accident she called me and informed me about the accident but not in specific I told her to stay there or go to the nearest police station and inform the same whatever happened. But she ignored my advice and came back to delhi. On the next me and her we went to agra to the same spot where it happened and the police officer there they told us that the lady in the other car died on the same day in hospital when the accident happened and now she is not ready accept that she was the one who is driving the car and now my question is I don't know anything about the law and my brother he didn't even know the girl he never met her and because he is the owner of the car the police said that if she didn't agree than we have to file the case against your brother I talked to my brother we went there again and my brother gave a written application stating everything that he didn't know the girl and she took the car from my brother and we submitted her duplicate license and aadhar card. Please help me with this matter I am very scared I don't know what I have done wrong helping her giving the car. Please do the needfull

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