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christian family grandfather propery after his both sons name on pr card, partition deedwas not done no partion of bldg or property after death of one son and his bachleor son his daughter make sell deed without my dads consent with tenent in same property and case againt him for eviction on unauthorised conrtcase already in high court for eviction of tenent . won in district court pnd in high court . is sale deed valid can i challenge . my dad made a gift deed tran his share of property(50 percent in full ) to me alone and nnot my brother or sister no written noc was taken of brother or sisiter gift deed was registered sister challenging gift ded and in civil court inj of stay granted unable to rent flat in possession pl advice if sale deed to be challenged is the gift deed valid i am being harresed deprived of all income from property and they trying to check me out they are alll hand in gloves what next to be done to safegaurd the property and my rights pl advice

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Sale deed is not valid as property is owned by both sons by way of inheritance. One son or his legal heir cannot make sale without permission of other co-owner.

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You challenge the Deed in civil Court and pray for  your right 

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