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I'm looking for an advice on the rights of an owner w.r.t to a tenant claiming an adverse possession. Case: - We bought a house a couple of years back where a family was already leaving on the top-floor. They started leaving their as tenants 40-yrs back but were not been paying any rent for a few years now to the owner from whom we bought this house. When we're now asking them to pay the rent as per market-rate they differ & claiming an adverse possession. Can you please advise if they've any lawful right to claim such an adverse possession? I've read that a tenant can never claim hostile-possession. But still would like to hear from the experts.

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Once the previous owner sold house the tenancy agreement came to an end and they have to go for fresh tenancy agreement ,next you as a landlord can file for eviction suit when the rent is not paid by the tenant or agreement is not renewed or revived ..better to consult local civil lawyer and opt for eviction suit 

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    Thanks for your response, Mr. Rajinder. I’m mainly concerned about the Limitation Act here.
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