Kamlesh Mandar
Asked August 23, 2016

Builder not giving Possession

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Sir In jun 16 a flat was booked in ahmedabad. my home loan was approved in SBI on 2.7.16 and copy of draft of 29.7 lakh sent to builder. margin money 10% of home loan already paid to builder in jun 16. My home loan EMI also started from aug 16,and govt quarter rent also deducting from my salary. Due to delay in registration,I am losing rs 10000/- for rent in addition to monthly instalment of loan rs 25800/- per month. builder was committed to give possession till end of july 16. now builder showing excuses by one or another way in registration of flat. now he is ready to give me possession with out registration of flat. what can i do plz help me.can i sift to my flat without registration and how i can pressurise the builder to finish registration as soon as possible. plz guide

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Ayushi Singhal

You can threaten the builder that you would file a consumer complaint against him in case he does not register the flat until a certain date. However in case the builder is not heeding to your requests, you can go ahead and file a consumer complaint in the relevant consumer forum for deficiency of service under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 for him delaying the possession of the flat (for which you can claim compensation) and him not registering the same. In addition, you can shift to the flat if you so desire, but you should note that merely transfer of possession without the registration will not lead to transfer of title of flat in your name.

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Sir in this case no doubt you can file a consumer case but it is better that as he is ready to give possession you take the possesssion as well as file a case  in consumer forum for deficiency in service and claim compenstion for loss suffered and also get the relief of registration of flat in your name. 

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