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Asked August 23, 2016

Revised Fines for Traffic Offences

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What are the new fines for traffic offence from August 2016 onwards??

Answer 1

The Central Government has only accepted the DRAFT of the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill. This Bill seeks to revise the amount of penalties. It has not been implemented yet, but when it is, here is what the fines in Mumbai will be like:

(Section: Particulars: Fine)

177: General: Rs. 500

177A: Violation of Road Rules: Rs. 500

178: Travelling Without Ticket: Rs. 500

179: Disobeying orders given By Authorities: Rs. 2000

180: Unauthorized use of Vehicles Without License:Rs. 5000

181: Driving Without License: Rs. 5000

182:Driving Despite Disqualification            : Rs. 10000

182 B: Oversize vehicles (New Section) : Rs. 5000

183: Over Speeding: Rs. 1000 (Light Weight), Rs. 2000 (Medium Passenger Vehicle)

184: Dangerous Driving: Rs. 5000

185: Drinking and Driving: Rs. 10000

189: Speeding OR Racing: Rs. 5000

192 A: Vehicle Without Permit: Upto Rs.10000

193: Aggregators (Violations of licensing conditions) (New Section): Rs. 25000 to 100000

194: Overloading: Rs. 20000, and Rs. 2000 Per every extra tonne

194 A: Overloading of passengers (New Section) : Rs. 1000 per extra passenger

194 B: Not Wearing Seat Belt: Rs. 1000

194 C: Overloading of Two Wheelers: Rs. 2000, Licence Disqualified for 3 months

194 D: Driving Without Helmets: Rs. 1000, Licence Disqualified for 3 months

194 E: Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles (New Section): Rs. 10000

196: Driving Without Insurance: Rs. 2000

199: Offences by Juveniles (New Section): Vehicle Owner / Guardian fined Rs. 25000 with 3 Years Jail. Juvenile Offender under JJ Act, Vehicle Registration will be Cancelled.

206: Power of Officers to impound documents: Driving licenses will be suspended Under Section 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D and 194E

210 B: Offences committed by enforcing authorities: Double the penalty under the particular section



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