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Meaning of Correction of girdawari

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please tell me correction Girdawari right meaning

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Khasra Girdawari is a document, in which the patwari enters the name of owner, name of cultivator, land/khasra number, area, kind of land, cultivated and non cultivated area, source of irrigation, name of crop and its conditions, revenue and rate of revenue, minimum twice in a year.

If the patwari has to make corrections in the book entries of khasra girdawari then first of all he will enter the report in the register and then will make corrections with red ink in the register and then get the same scrutinize from the area kanoongo.

Khasra Girdawari can be corrected only for the period relating to the current  Jamabandi which would be incorporated in the next Jamabandi.

Any person claiming his cultivating possession can apply.  

Procedure The applicant, personally or through his lawyer, submits an application to the CRO-cum- AC II grade for the correction of  Khasra Girdawari . Respondents are summoned who submit reply. After this both the lawyers argue. Applicant submits documentary evidence in support of his possession over the land. Then, respondent submits documentary evidence. Disputed Land is then inspected in presence of both the parties and required officials. On the basis of argumetns, evidence and facts, the possession is decided. Patwari is informed of the decision, which is incorporated in the record.

Forms to be submitted in the process: Copy of current Khasra girdawari and Jamabandi

List of documents to be submitted in the process: (i) Application in prescribed form with proper court fees.

(ii) Copy of current khasra Girdawari and Jamabandi

(iii) Talbana

(iv) Vakalatnama

Method of inspection: Concerned CRO inspects the spot in presence of both the parties, Nambardar, Chaukidar, patwari and other authorities of the village.  

Time frame: Within 3 months

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