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Lok Adalat

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Sir, I have received a notice from Telephone Department to appear before a Lok Adalat regarding a telephone disconnection in 2012 due to non payment of bills. Since i was always unsatisfied with the telephone bills , i had not paid the bills. Please help me - 1) Am i bound to go to the Lok Adalat hearing ? 2) Can i attend the hearing and return without finalising anything ? 3) Will i be asked to sign any documents before , during or after the hearing ? Please help me Sir.

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Ashwini Panwar

Sir, dissatisfaction doesn’t call for non-payments but rather complaints. Before answering the question, it is requested that in future, you need to handle such matters in better way rather than just letting things go. First, Lok Adalat is different from Court summons. Now, lok adalat solves disputed by way of negotiating a compromise rather than go through complex and time consuming litigation. So, it’s a new way to dispense justice quicker and cheaper. However, you need to know that there lies no appeal against an order of the lok-adalat.

Now, I would discuss two scenarios:

  • You go to the Lok Adalat
  • The lok Adalat would be headed by a retired judge and it will only consider arbitration. So, until there is agreement is reached between the two parties, an answer to your question, nothing will be finalised until you agree to it.

  • You don’t go the Lok Adalat
  • Now see, in most of the case, if the amount due is a small amount, people don’t bother going. However, if the amount is huge, the Company won’t hesitate in dragging you to the Court and when summons by the Court are supposed to be followed. So, if you don’t go, the Company has the right to go to the Court and file a case against you which might go either way depending on the facts of the case. However, the Judge might consider the fact that you didn’t go to the Lok Sabha.


    Now, if your case is strong enough, you might not even have to pay a single penny. However, if there is no proof of complaint with regard to the services offered to you, that weakens your case. So, it’s advisable to just go to the Lok Adalat and sort the matter out at the smaller level because if, the Company decides to drag you to the Court, it’s going to take up a lot of time and money. So, you should just go and appear in front of the Lok Adalat.

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