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Asked May 29, 2016

liability of witness: in case of a forged document

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I have purchased non judiciary stamp Rs.100/- for self. My relative took the stamp paper and executed a no objection deed for registration of plot of housing board with other party and I had been asked sign as witness. After lapse of one year I came to know that my relative had forged the signature of other party. This fact revealed to the other party by housing board against RTI ACT. please confirm is there any criminal Againt me?

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If what you are saying is true in the sense that you had no information about the forgery committed by your relative and no reason to believe that he/she could do so, in my opinion, you will not attract any legal liability. If at all a criminal charge is pressed against you in this case, it may be under Section 423 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which pertains to participation in the fraudulent execution of any document which falsely states the consideration or information regarding the persons in whose benefit the document is meant to operate. And if that happens, the burden of proof that you were an innocent witness to the transaction, will lie on you. The punishment, in this case, shall be imprisonment for a maximum of two years or fine or both.
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