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Asked July 26, 2016

Legal ways to get my FnF amount

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My previous company is not paying FnF amount. It has been more than 7 months when I left the organization. Currently I am working in different city which is far from the previous company. What best legal action can be taken in such scenario so that I don''t need to travel more. Thanks,

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We would like to know whether you have received the PF amount yet? Mostly in cases where the PF amount is due, does the company delay the Full and Final amount, otherwise some clearance might be due. In case your PF has not been given with the 2 months + 45 days time period, then kindly write an application-cum-complaint to the Regional PF office where your previous office was. However, in case you have received the entire PF amount, kindly write to the head HR of your company reminding them of such a delay. You need not travel for this.

Another user had issues with their FnF settlement, you can read the answer to that at http://www.lawfarm.in/question/company-not-cooperating-i-want-my-service-certificate/ and see if any points there might help you out.

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