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Asked November 24, 2017

Legal consequences for a married man having an extra marital affair

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I’m a married man having an affair with an unmarried woman. Wt are the legal proceedings from my wife side and how can be I prosecuted and wt are the possible cases can be filed against me.

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Your wife may file criminal case imposing several charges on you and then you need to defend. 

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Shailesh Kumar

A High Court Lawyer

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Legal consequences will follow if your wife makes a complaint about it. There will be many proceedings of criminal as well as civil liability against you. It depends upon what set of facts your wife z aggrieved with the most. From there only nature of legal cases will emanate. 

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Hello sir , she may file complaint of domestic violence against you ..

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No legal consequences as of now,but if you persist, your wife can create so many legal consequences that your life can become misranle. For example right from divorce to domestic voilence cases.

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  Dear Sir,

First, without knowing in detail fact, we can not give acquirate legal advise.  Even otherwise, I like to tell you a story.

One day a poor man went to his friends hotel, when he was hyngry. His friend gave him food free of cost but did not ask for Shalad, pickel, Sweet etc., even did not ask if he had any need of more chapaties or rice. Because the food was free of cost and his friend was a businessman. If the poor friend at least paid some money, his friend must be provided all these items and feed him in heart and smiles.

SO, it is better you pay proper fees to get proper legal advise.

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if it secret no body can take any action against you. But it is know to your mother and if is not not consenting for the same she excercise her right of private defence in several modes. Law in India is in favour of  women. 

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Adultery punishable with imprisonment with fine, divorce case, maintenance case etc. are few example of proceedings which your wife may initiate against you and the girl. Beside said proceedings you and the girl shall also be defamed socially.

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