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Asked November 01, 2016

Legal action against ex girlfriend

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Hi sir, I was cheated by a girl in the name of love and marriage .she was in contact with me for two years , she made me to do everything for her. But after 2 years now she is going to marry other guy, i have some proofs like photos,phone calls, chat history,her video and also joint kiss photos.. Now i want to file a case against her, you may feel i am selfish but the truth is i believed her and from last one week her mobile was switched off. i only asked her to be in contact with me at least on phone. but she refused everything and avoiding. With out any mistake on part me, she is not at all showing concern. Please help me to proceed legally.

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We are sorry about your situation. There is no legal provision which can make a person stop from marrying someone else/marry a particular person. If she has decided to marry someone else, there is not much a court can do about it. It is not advisable to make photos, especially private photos, public. 

If you want to proceed legally against her, one option would lead be initiating a criminal case (of cheating under section 415 IPC). However, there are extremely slim chances of the court ruling in your favour. Section 415 states that cheating is when a person, fraudulently or dishonestly induces another person to do something which he would not do otherwise, and such an act causes or is likely to cause damage or harm to that person in body, mind, reputation or property. However, I must warn you that the success rate of such cases is quite low, especially in this case where an event such as an engagement ceremony  did not take place. This is because you have to prove that you did something based on her promise to marry, and that doing such a thing caused damage to your mind and reputation. THIS is where the difficulty lies: Convincing the court of her actions AS WELL AS its effect on you.

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