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Asked May 17, 2017

lady not able to get divorce but wants to marry another person

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Hi . I am a govt. employee and want to marry a lady with two kids. She is already married but her husband left her and ran away 4 years back. That guy was a ruined human being and during his stay he had done all sort of cruelty on her. She has filed divorce but nothing is happening . I want to marry her and adopt both the kids . my questions : 1.Can I marry her before divorce ? 2.what are the options I have ? There is only 1% chance of that guy filing any case against me. 3. No one is coming from husband's side on court hearings . 4. even if they file case against me , will the order be in favour of me as the Supreme Court keeps educational and social welfare of children above everything ? 5. they are lot of audio recording to prove he is not a nice guy and not safe for kids to live with him.

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