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Asked August 14, 2016

juvenile offence

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Sir i have been selected for a govt service in central govt through ssc cgl examination group b(non gazzeted). A case had been filed against me when i was juvenile in 2007 u/s 341/323/34 in which i had been aquitted in 2009 by justive juvenile board and in the judgment court said that inquire has been terminated because it takes more than 4 months of proceeding. Bail bonds are cancelled. there was no further appeal in that matter. So my question is that is it would create any problem regarding my joining if i shows that i have been arrest but later aquitted...plz help as soon as possible

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Divya Maheshwari

Though you have been acquitted in a criminal case, you should mention that in your form if it has question on previous criminal charges, not mentioning would result in you being a fraud if they have specifically asked for it. You need to mention the details if the form asks for it and tell them you have been acquitted. Even if you disclose it after your selection that shouldn’t be a problem. In the case Commissioner of Police and others vs. Sandeep Kumar the respondent disclosed that he had been charged under section 325/34 of IPC but had been acquitted. This was disclosed by him after his selection. The Supreme Court noted that the incident had happened at a time when the respondent would be about 20 years old and observed that at that age young people often commit indiscretions, such indiscretions can often be condoned and therefore the approach should be to condone minor indiscretions made by young people rather than to brand them as criminals for the rest of their lives. The Court felt that probably while filling up the application form the respondent had not disclosed his involvement in the criminal case out of fear that if he did so, he would automatically be disqualified. The Court was of the view that since the offence alleged against the respondent was not a serious offence like murder, dacoity or rape, a more lenient view should be taken in the matter.

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