Asked February 07, 2017

Jurisdictional issue in contract

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When jurisdiction is mentioned as a particular city in a contract, is a legal notice valid/admissible if sent by agrieved party's lawyer from another city/state in india? Please revert. Thanks.

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It is very much valid and admissible. Notice can be sent from any part of the world to the address of the noticee. It is only jurisdiction of the courts that are provided in the contract.



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A legal notice is a notice when you are indicating your opponent that you are preparing to litigate a suit against hi/her. The notice comprises of statement of facts giving rise to the claims, reliefs sought and legal grounds upon which relief is sought. The notice simply indicates the opposite side about the initiation of a lawsuit if the demands are not fulfilled within a stipulated time period. The question of jurisdiction does not arise in case of the validity of a legal notice, and it shall arise when the suit has been initiated in the court of law. Therefore, the legal notice sent through the Registered Post shall be admissible in the present case.

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