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Asked August 05, 2017

Job offered on compassionate ground

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Hello!! . My name is raj. I have one query. . It's a past story of about 9 10 years ago. . One boy who just reached 18years of age. lost his father due to heart attack. It was very sudden death as it was first attack, entire family couldn't get out of it and everyone were in depression as there was no scope of their future, since entire family(2siblings and mom) was dependent on his father's income and all the kids were studying. But luckily father was a Govt employee. So, they had a hope that one will get the father''s job. But their happiness was only for few months as that boy lost the job. . Boy: completed his 10th n pursing intermediate at that time. . Reason: One of his neighbour suggested him that if you have qualification related to that job then only you will get better job else no.. that young boy was so confused and scared of not losing the opportunity asked for a suggestion. That neighbour gave an idea of submitting bogus certificate for some cost and at last he could adjust money to get the certificate. That innocent depressed young boy couldn't even know that it would get verified, submitted it for the job. B/w those neighbour bachelors tenants vacant the house. He got the job and family is so happy without knowing that their lifes gonna soon hit by another bad news. . After 2 3 months he got a call from office saying he got dismissed and case filed on him . Lost his father, money, job and also name in society. . Still he couldn't come out of it even after so many years still with a faith. Is there any chance that boy(now 29) who already punished himself so many years.. Is anything in our law he can be forgived and give his dad's job.. . Please let me know if there is anything so that I can inform him.

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Offering job on compassionate round is completely discretionary and the employer can impose any conditions he/she wants to impose. In cases of submitting fake documents for eligibilty, the government as an employer can taek very strict actions and there is not much which can be done. There is no law which will protect or encourage an illegal act. Unfortunately, the order of the government terminating the employment cannot be challenged if the certificate was fake. 

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