Asked November 06, 2013

Is there a "woman's voice" missing from law?

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Is there a "woman's voice" missing from law? (this is basically a very gender specific issue under human rights law!)

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Saumya Kumar

Over a period of time, our society has been compelled to incorporate and consider the woman's voice in the legal system, for example the Nirbhaya incident brought in some changes in the IPC on rape and the Vishakha case forced us to recognize sexual harassment as a real issue at workplace rather than a gossip point. A hindu daughter's right to her father's property is now an acceptable part of succession. 

While at the same time, in the 21st century we are still struggling to erase the concept of tripl talaq. Under hindu law, after a woman's death her property goes to her husband's heir, if she died without children and her parents have no right over it. Recently, a court identified that demands of gifts after wedding is not dowry. Many of these examples indicate that there is still a long way to go. At the same time some of the women centric laws are being misused. Numerous false dowry cases, false rape charges are filed regulary watering down the sanctity of the fragile legal protection women have in the country. At the same time, many of these women centric laws ignore the fact that men too face some issues like sexual violence but have no legal recourse for it. 

In my humble opinion woman's voice in law is incresing in number but it is still swayed by the patriarchal system we live in.

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