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Asked October 12, 2015

Is Gen CompLaw a good software for ROC and MCA E-Filing?

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I am asking that Gen CompLaw is better software for ROC and MCA E-filing. What you suggest and what is your thought about this software. Please describe the comments clearly.

Answer 1

Gen Complaw is one of the leading software in the field of integrated software for the solution of ROC[1] e-Forms, XBRL, Resolutions, Minutes, Registers and various MIS reports.[2]  Thus, it is very helpful in all statutory compliances under Companies Act, 2013 including maintenance of fixed assets register. It gives fast response in a short time and credible in task performance.[3] The Gen- Comp Law is the software which is designed for easy compliance of all secretarial provisions of:
  • Companies Act 1956/2013
  • LLP Act 2008
  • XBRL Conversion as per Revised Schedule VI
  • Profit and Loss account (P&L) and Balance Sheet (B/S) through which they can be prepared in XML format.
One can access and generate all e-forms through our software without visiting the MCA i.e. ROC portal.[4]  The other existing features in this software are Billing, PDF Converter, Calculator, Cheque Printing, Document Manager, Miscellaneous Information.[5] Hence, it is seen that all the statutory compliances can be met successfully for the purpose of e-filing with the help of this software. Legally speaking, since all the formalities for ROC can be performed in a timely manner with the help of this software, the software is undoubtedly a good one.   [1] Registration of Companies [2] Gen Comp Law: MCA e-Filing Software with XBRL, SAG INFOTECH,<> last accessed 15/11/2015 [3] ibid [4] FAQ Complaw, SAG INFOTECH, <> last accessed 15/11/2015 [5] ibid
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