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Asked September 08, 2016

IPC 107 and implication on job

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I have Ipc 107 case against me. Will I be able to get a job in the police/army ?

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Saurabh Kumar

According to the Supreme Court of India[1]-


A candidate to be recruited to the police service must be worthy of confidence and must be a person of utmost rectitude and must have impeccable character and integrity. A person having criminal antecedents will not fit in this category”


Hence, acquittal after a full-fledged trial or exoneration at the stage of framing of charges would not make any difference as far as suitability of a candidate is concerned, it said. Even if a person is acquitted or discharged, it cannot be presumed that he was completely exonerated. Persons who are likely to erode the credibility of the police ought not to enter the police force the bench said.


Section 107 of IPC deals with abetment of crime; which is considered a heinous crime in the Indian criminal law system. Hence, it is unlikely that your job application will be selected.


[1]State of Madhya Pradesh V. Parvez Khan(available  at   )

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