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Asked November 16, 2017

Husband not interested in physical relations since beginning of marriage

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It's been 2 years that I am married. My husband doesn't have the urge or desire to have sex ever since marriage. We always asked for consultation for several doctors , but he doesn't listen. even his parents said you can't give birth to a baby. I am extremely frustrated, don't know if or not to file a divorce. I am even doubting his sexual orientation. It is like two people doing routine chores at home. Pls advice me.

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it can be ground of divorce under Hindu marriage act.

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I must step in to the shoes of  Family Counsellor to answer your question. Two bulls if choose to move different directions the cart stay there itself. Women is reconginsed as Power and you can change his attitude, if not possible take divorce and stay happy with another guy. Family is nothing but compromise between two bodies, souls and minds.

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