Asked November 03, 2016

How to prove I was unmarried?

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Respected sir, I am in need of a certificate of no record or marriage. How can I prove that I was unmarried/single? My agent showed my in the immigration forms as married before I went foreign country. I married a foreign national, now the foreign embassy is not accepting my real marriage to the foreign national. How am I going to prove myself unmarried while I was in India? Thank you.

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Ayushi Singhal

Single Status Certificate can be requested from the area Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or District Magistrate or Court authorities, the area being determined on the basis of the address on passport. This certificate also requires counter-attestation by the Home Department of the State concerned and subsequently by the Attestation Section of the Consular, Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.  (See, So far as your status in the immigration form is concerned, you can state that the same (your representation as a married individual) was not authorised by you and was thus beyond the authority granted to the agent and thus not binding on you (unauthorised acts of the agent are not binding on the principal, i.e. the person who gives authority to the agent, here you).

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