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how to file RTI against any POlice Station

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how to file RTI against any POlice Station

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Nitin Singh

this is very simple procedure for filing rti application

firstly_  information can be seeked in self written application or by rti forms are available in stationary shops also u can download it from net .

secondaly fill all particulars of the subject you are asking for information .

thirdly buy an stamp of Rs.10/

then there will be in public information officer in every police station then u can personally or by post can send your application..

lastly receive acknowledgement from officer.... 

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Aditya Marwah

If you want to file an RTI against a police station, you can follow the following steps-

1.      You can submit the application online on, http://www.onlinerti.com/, or you can submit it manually to Public Information Officers (PIO or the Assistant Public Information Officers (APIOs).

2.      You can submit the application form in any of the 629 post offices have been designated as APIOs. It means that you can go to any of these post offices, submit your application, and pay the fee at the RTI counter of these post offices. They will issue you a receipt and acknowledgement and it is the responsibility of that post office to deliver it to the right PIO.

3.      There is no application form which you have to fill if you want to submit it manually, you should just write it on a plain sheet of paper like any other ordinary application. Draft your application on a normal sheet of paper and submit it by post or in person to the Public Information Officer (PIO). And remember to keep a copy of the application for your future personal reference.

4.      A list of PIOs/APIOs and Appellate Authorities for all Central and State departments/Ministries is available online at http://www.rti.gov.in/.

Remember, the PIO cannot refuse to accept your application form for information under any circumstances. Even if the information does not pertain to his/her department/jurisdiction, s/he has to accept it and is duty bound to do so.




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You can file an RTI application with the PIO whose details will be available on the website of the department, under the "RTI" link. The list of RTI links for each state is http://rti.gov.in/rti/states.asp.

Methods to submit RTI Application:

·         Personally: Ensure that you get your copy of the application and proof of payment duly stamped, signed and dated, either by the PIO or by the inward department

·         Registered Post AD: The AD card will act as proof of submission. You can track Registered Post articles here: http://services.ptcmysore.gov.in/RNetTracking/ and keep a print out of the final delivery status with you.

·         Speed Post: Track it on http://www.indiapost.gov.in/Speednew/track.aspx.

Get a sample RTI Application here: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/downloads/relevant-downloads-rti-3/sample-rti-application-form-22/


·         Your name, address, contact number, email id

·         Information about Public Information officer, name, address etc. In case of problems locating your PIO/APIO address your application to the PIO C/o Head of Department and send it to the concerned Public Authority with the requisite application fee. It will be forwarded to the concerned PIO.

For matters involving "Life and Liberty", the time limit for the PIO to provide information is 48 Hours. Time limits are provided in the RTI Act itself (Section 7).

File more than one RTI if it exceeds word limit of your State. Central Govt allows 500 words, excluding addresses. Karnataka and Maharashtra limits it to 150 words for queries and information on only one subject can be sought per application.



Source: www.rti.gov.in

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