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Asked August 24, 2017

Harassment by wife

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Hi, I married 4 years ago and have no children till now. Wife starts the fight for very silly reasons which I want to avoid every time. I am very less talkative and can't argue a lot with her. Every time she wants to win at any cost. now a days, she started me asking for half of my salary which is expected.. she says she has equal rights on my monthly salary and she wants it. This looks very big issue for me. I cant handle the situation whenever she gets into fighting mode. she behaves like a psycho when she starts fighting. leaves the house in night anytime. She blackmails me that I am responsible for whatever happens to her when goes out or inside house. Sometimes she tries to burn her hand, drink phenyl, etc. she also blackmails me on like if i don't get things whatever she asks, she wants half of my salary monthly. I feel very frustrated and can't concentrate on any of the things and my job. She doesn't show any interest in me. many a time it looks like she is only interested in my money. I want to know - how law supports me as husband? - is it fair that she blackmails me for half my salary monthly when we are together? - What law tells on if we can live separate and she will get whatever she is eligible to get?

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Dear Sir/madam,

The facts and circumsatnces clearly suggests Cruelty as one of the grounds under Section 13(1) (i-a) of The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 for Divorce. Living separately might get you liable to pay your salary’s a minimum of 1/3 of the monthly salary (in case where the wife is unemployed and not able to sustain herself).  This proportion might increase depending on the circumstances the wife projects in front of the magistrate in court. Whatever proportion of salary fixed as maintenance extends to the rest of the life of the wife (till she is alive) or till the time she gets married again.

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