Rajendra Verma
Asked April 23, 2017

Hacked Phone

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Respected Sir, My self Rajendra Verma , I am employee of a Pvt. Ltd. Company , and I am living in Surat , few months back my all mail id and my phone are hacked by unknown person , and they are sending abusing message and call to one of my relative , when I was informed by my relative , I have deactivate my email id and deactivate my all cell no. even I have changes my cell also. I thought this matter is closed now , but again my all new no is hacked and they are sending abusing message and call to one of my relative . my relative informed that they are receiving this type of message from my old no. which I have already deactivated . it is showing that I am doing all this. I have tried to convince them that I have not involved, but all detail are showing that I am doing all this. They who hacked my phone got all my detail my ID Proof my all communication detail ,even they snoof with my voice and call my relative so they believe that I am making this calls. Sir I am just trapped with all this due family reputation I have not made any police complaint till date even my relative also convinced for not making police complaint. I have change my so many contact no. and smart phone in few last months. But still I am hacked again again they read my msg, listed my phone conversation . some time they have used phone mike and camera , earlier I was think it is impossible to hack someone phone but in last few months they have ruined my life and reputation. Nobody is going to believe that someone can don such thing with help if internet or smart phone. I have never received any call or msg from they them , what they want and why they doing this. Even I can say who is behind all this. Request you please guide me for further step.o when my relative goes to police they showing it all happening from my nos. Hope you consider my request and guide me wright path.

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its a matter of IT act, file a FIR on that incident to safeguard yourself.

and try to findout the sms route (it will be web based). once u find path u can deactivate web acount.

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It is advised that you must immediately file a FIR informing the Police about the details. Request you relative to kindly record the calls made to him so that you can present it as evidence. Further, make sure you change the password of your email- ids You can go through the process given by google to verify email accounts - https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7036019?visit_id=1-636294130060907575-392885565&rd=2.

In case any of your bank accounts are connected to your id, please inform the concerned bank and ask them to block your account immediately.

The FIR and the investigation by the Police will eventually help you in salvaging your reputation.

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