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Grandmother's property

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A property is in my grandmother's name. If she doesn't do the will, then what all problems may occur? She has 3 son's and 2 daughters.

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all property will go equally if there is no will.

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No problem shall occur as such as execution of the Will is a discretion to be exercised by each individual as per his/her will. that in case no will is executed, after her demise the property shall be divided between her legal heirs in equal proportions. however, in case she executes a Will, the rules of testamentary succession shall apply, and the beneficiaries as per the Will shall become the owner of the property in the proportion as stated in the said Will 

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In case she does not create a will, the property will be equally distributed among her children. By executing a will she can determine the heir to her property and has the power to give the property anyone, even outside the family.



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Sir, firstly you must specify as to what is your religious faith as succession laws differ in ever religion. Presuming you are Hindu and if your grandmother dies intestate then the property will be partitioned as per the Hindu Succession Act. No problem will arise unless there is any foul play on part of the beneficiaries.

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